AKURAT is a unique phenomenon on the Polish scene. A team valued for a great concert show, but also for intelligent, witty and involved texts. AKURAT has credits to the top of the Polish protest songs such as „Do prostego człowieka” or „Wiej-ska”, and, on the other hand, light songs, „evergreens” eagerly used by all coverbands playing at parties like „Lubię Mówić z Tobą”or „Hahahaczyk (Dyskoteka Gra)”. AKURAT gained their position without the support of large media cover. Thanks to the dedication of fans who promoted AKURAT among their friends through the word of mouth, the band became popular throughout the country, as well as in the Czech Republic, where they regularly appears at the biggest festivals and clubs.
The music played by the band is difficult to include in one particular musical trend. It contains elements of rock, ska, reggae, punk rock, pop and funk rock. Members of the group describe their music as ska-jump poetry. The characteristic feature of their texts is playing with words.