Polish alternative rock band that describes itself as debilcore genre. Alongside its influences like Matallica and System of a Down the band mentiones also….Fasolki, Stanisław Bareja, Borat and Grzegorz Halama. Creepy and fascinating combination at the same time, which makes the band unique. Their playful, ridiculous lyrics take reality with a grain of salt. There are no boundaries or tabus they wouldn’t cross. Currently Kabanos is promoting their latest release Odgrzewane Kotlety, which was recorded with all former band members. All new material consist of ideas that Zenek has been putting to the drawer for the past 20 years. First guitar players – Leszek Pszenica and Zbylut Konserwa, drumers Wiesio Gubipała and Hipolit Gołowąs and legendary Zbysław Byledziura. All gathered up to celebrate Kabanos’ jubilee.