Billy Talent


After huge success of released in 2012 Dead Silence record nad nearly a four year hiastus, at the beginning of 2016 Billy Talent entered the studio in their hometown Toronto to start working on new album. On January 15, drummer Aaron Solowoniuk took to the band’s YouTube channel to explain that he would not be playing on Billy Talent’s new album. The reason was health condition coused by years of battling with the multiple sclerosis. Losing Solowoniuk was for Billy Talent devastating – they have kept their original line-up intact for over 20 years and have been best buds since childhood. Aaron has been replaced by Jordan Hastings of Alexisonfire.

There are totally new sounds on Afraid of Heights. „There’s a lot of things on this record I’ve never tried before: I programmed synths, there’s a lot of piano stuff, there’s acoustic guitar. It’s our most experimental record yet”, says D’Sa. But that experimentation shouldn’t be interpreted as Billy Talent severing ties with its punk roots – rather, adventurous proof of creativity and a reminder of rock’s crucial historical role as a revolutionary force.

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